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Get out of Los Angeles and Hire a Campervan!

Looking to hire a campervan and cruise the West Coast?! Well here's a bit of inspiration baby! With Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon & San Francisco - the West Coast of America is fucking mental! Hire a Campervan in LA and check out these spots...

LOS ANGELES OFFICE: 13780 Crenshaw Bl, Gardena CA 90249 USA

LA to San Diego, Joshua Tree & Palm Springs

Rent a Wicked Camper in LA and head straight on down to San Diego, park up and walk across the border to Tijuana. Score firecrackers, cheap booze and a sombrero then head on out to Joshua Tree...


LA to Las Vegas & Grand Canyon

Hire a Wicked Campervan - fill it with booze, drugs and smiles. Head to Vegas, fear & loathing style, then detox and hit the Grand Canyon if you've still got some cash left...


LA to Monument Valley

Get right out there baby! Monument Valley is an insane region of Arizona - it's been in fucking Forest Gump man! Head through Vegas, the Grand Canyon and swing on back to Los Angeles to drop off the campervan...


LA to San Francisco, Big Sur & Yosemite National Park

The best way to really experience the US West Coast & Yosemite National Park is to hire a Wicked Campervan doods! Grab a van in Los Angeles and cruise up the coast through Santa Cruz, onto beautiful San Francisco & across to Yosemite National Park...


LA to Vancouver via Portland & Seattle

Explore the amazing Pacific North West in your own Wicked Camper baby! Pickup in Los Angeles and dropoff Vancouver - easy baby...

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