The Top 10 Canadian Campervan Road Trips!

Oh Canada… A magical destination filled with flying hockey pucks and overly polite people...Canada is a vast country with enough long roads to get you lost – ranging from mountain roads on the West Coast, to the long plains of the prairies and roads along the St. Lawrence River on the East Coast. Here at Wicked Campers, we’ve decided to make a list of some (not all) of the best road trips to do in Canada - you lucky bastard!

So, here's ten Canadian road trips to do in your Wicked Campervan that will make your friends jealous and your naughty bits tingly.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #1


Vancouver to Tofino
(Vancouver Island) 283kms

After picking up your campervan at the Wicked Campers depot in Vancouver, jump on the ferry toward the city of Nanaimo (Yes, the famous Nanaimo Bar is named after this town!) and enjoy a two-hour cruise on the Salish Sea. Fill your belly at the dessert bar and head onto the Island Highway and then the Alberni Highway in the direction of Tofino. The road between Nanaimo and Tofino is only three hours long, but there's plenty to see that will make you stop along the way.

Highlight: Between Tofino and Nanaimo, you will encounter the Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park - a place where you'll say "Damn, that's huge!" in a non-sexual way. Make sure to stop there and wander through a forest of 800-year-old giant Douglas Fir trees, the perfect place to get lost.

"A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe"
Pierre Berton

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #2


The Sea-to-Sky Route
(Destination Whistler) 121kms

One of the most popular routes in Canada is the highway between Vancouver and Whistler, known as the Sea-to-Sky Highway or BC Hwy 99. The road travels along the shore of Howe Sound, starting at sea level and climbing toward an altitude of 670 meters (2,200 feet) above sea level - like an ascension to heaven but instead of the promised land, it's the legendary Whistler (still pretty close to nirvana!). The scenic route of BC 99 features a lot of remarkable landscapes and incredible sights at every turn. So, jump in your Wicked campervan and head towards the sky for a nice getaway.

Highlight: 70 km north of Vancouver Metro lay the magical land of Garibaldi Provincial Park - a 1950 sq. km park of panoramic wilderness view and plenty of hiking trails for every level.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #3


Icefields Parkway
(Banff-Jasper from Calgary) 416kms

You are in Calgary, you've just picked up your campervan at the Wicked Campers depot and you're wondering where to go... Simple. Go to the Alberta's Rockies and drive from Banff to Jasper! If there's one road trip you absolutely must do in Western Canada, it’s this one. You will fall in love with the amount of untamed wilderness, the majestic mountain peaks and emerald-coloured lakes. Start your journey in Banff and its national park, the oldest Canadian national park, and discover why it's one of the top Canadian destinations for backpackers, families, old people, fat people, cool people and normal people. After Banff, head towards Lake Louise and jump in the coldest water you will ever swim in - do it, I dare you! Then, drive north on the Icefields Parkway find a few camp sites, go hike for days, see the fauna and flora of the Rockies and go create another amazing memory.

Highlight: I will be cheesy and say that the whole trip is the highlight. You will see spectacular scenery, wildlife in their natural habitat and even be able to take a picture like the one above. This road trip is unmissable.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #4


Calgary - Dinosaur Provincial Park
Drumheller 380kms

Did you know that you can walk among the fossils of extinct animals right in the middle of Canada and only a couple of hours away from Calgary? Yep, so if you get a boner for bones, then listen up… There are two prehistoric destinations around Calgary, the Dinosaur Provincial Park, and the Midland Provincial Park of Drumheller. The Dinosaur Provincial Park is well-known as being one of the richest deposits of dinosaur bones in the world. After the Dinosaur Provincial Park, drive your camper north about 2 hours, and you are in Drumheller, home of the world’s largest dinosaur and the Royal Tyrrell Museum. In both locations, there's plenty of camp sites for you and your sexy Wicked Campervan. Park up for the night and spend the night immersed in Canada’s Badlands.

Highlight: Apart from the fact that you’ll be driving in a psychedelic land yacht across Canada’s Badlands region (ie your sexy Wicked Camper), if you get hot thinking about dinosaurs (we’re not judging anyone here), the Royal Tyrrell Museum is a must-see. It's Canada’s only Museum dedicated exclusively to the science of paleontology and has the world’s largest displays of dinosaurs. If you're not that into it, there are many hiking trails around Drumheller for the adventurer in you.

"There are few, if any, Canadian men that have never spelled their name in a snow bank"
Douglas Coupland

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #5


The Superior Lake Route
(Toronto to Thunder Bay via Niagara Falls) 1,150kms

This time, your sexy campervan road trip starts on the east coast of Canada - Toronto, to be precise (the biggest Canadian city and a funny-looking yo-yo name). This road trip will let you see three of the five Great Lakes, the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. Start your journey by renting a Wicked Campervan at our new depot in Toronto and head south for a wet encounter with Niagara Falls (makes me wet just thinking about it!). Once the tingles and excitement of viewing Niagara Falls wears off, go north and dry-off under the sun somewhere along the 14 km long (8.7 miles) Wasaga Beach. Once you’ve got your tan on, follow the Trans-Canadian highway along the shore of Lake Huron and Lake Superior for an amazing scenic route. Keep in mind that the distance between Sault Ste-Marie and Thunder Bay is 700km - it's a long drive, but if you are a road trip junkie like me, you will love every kilometre of it.

Highlight: The Majestic Niagara Falls will be a highlight. And afterwards, spend a day having fun on the main walk of Niagara Falls city. There's a haunted house, giant labyrinth, arcade, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum and more. And, you’ll want to take an epic picture of our Wicked Van under the giant Nickel in Sudbury - #wickedcampers.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #6


Kings Road
(Montreal to Quebec City) 273kms

Parlez-vous Français? Yes, Canadians also speak French - especially in the Province of Quebec. Take your Campervan and explore French-Canadian culture through two of the oldest cities in Canada - Montreal and Quebec City. You can do Montreal-Quebec City on the Trans-Canadian Hwy, but I strongly suggest driving on the Kings Road (Chemin du Roy - 138) for the scenic view and the charming historic villages along the way. Word of advice, don't call them French, they probably won't like it - they are French-Canadian or Quebecker (Québécois). ;)

Highlight: The villages you will pass by on the route have their charm, but the thing you must try is a Poutine - one of the greatest inventions originating in Quebec. Each snack-bar has their own recipe so feel free to put on some weight and taste this awesome meal - nobody will judge you for doing it, only if you don't try.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #7


The Whale Route
(Tadoussac to Sept-Îles) 430kms

If you are into whale watching (let’s face it, they are probably the sexiest of all mammals), the province of Quebec offers a great route along the St-Lawrence River named The Whale Route (sounds obvious, I know…). Your Campervan Road trip starts in Tadoussac and finishes 430km north at the city of Sept-Îles. This route offers great scenery, excellent seafood bars and a whale of a good time (yep, we just said that). Keep in mind that the whale watching season is mid-May to October but the very best time to see whales (and to take topless selfies with whales) is September-October.

Highlight: The whole road trip offers some of the best views of the Saint Lawrence River, and you can even add the ferry cruise from Forestville on your way back for more discovery (just note that the ferry is often closed for maintenance so be sure to check beforehand). Also, there's a giant sand dune near Tadoussac where you can park your campervan, drop a big fat tab of acid and pretend you’re Jim Morrison on a spirit-quest in the sand.

"In any world menu, Canada must be considered the vichyssoise of nations; it’s cold, half-French, and difficult to stir"
Stuart Keate

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #8


Gaspésie Route (Montreal to Gaspé)
1,980km round-trip

If you want to drive thousands of kilometres for excellent lobsters and an incredible scenic coastal landscape, this trip is for you. Along the way, you can go kayaking on the Bonaventure River with friendly seals swimming around you (the 2nd sexiest mammals), hike great locations (with many varied hikes, suitable for all fitness levels) and take an amazing picture of the iconic Percé Rock in the Gulf of St-Lawrence on the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula. Enjoy some of the local micro-breweries and vineyards to keep yourself hydrated (don’t drink and drive though, you might spill your drink) and stop at the popular cheese shop Fromagerie Des Basques for a culinary immersion. Once you’re all fat with cheese, jump back in your campervan and take-in the seaside scenery of the Gaspésie.

Highlight: For outdoor junkies, there's Forillon National Park at the far end of the Gaspésie. Gaspésie has a beautiful beach and jaw-dropping locations to park your Wicked campervan and have a nice quiet time after spending all day being treated so politely by the locals.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #9


Cabot Trail – Nova Scotia
(Chéticamp to Baddeck via Cape North) 208kms

If you have driven all the way east with your Wicked Campervan (you crazy explorer, you are a legend of the road and your penis must be huge!), there's a great road to travel on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia named Cabot Trail. Cape Breton was named the #1 island in North-America by Travel + Leisure magazine and the Cabot Trail appears on several Top 10 campervan & RV road trip lists. And you’ll be giving your brakes a good workout too because there’s a lot of hills you’ll be stopping every 5 mins for a cheeky picture. If you’re on Instagram, show us your pics baby (we’re locked in a dark basement, living off a basic wage of beer and cheap Chinese food – let us live!) #wickedcampers ;)

Highlight: Unspoiled wilderness, canyons, lots of hikes and an incredibly scenic route - this is what is waiting for you on the Cabot Trail. If you want a great sunset hike, the Skyline Sunset hike located near the Chéticamp is well worth the effort. It's a 2-3 hours hike so time yourself with the sun and remember to take a beer for a sunset chill session.

Awesome Canadian Campervan Roadtrips #10


From Sea to Sea
(Vancouver to Halifax) 5,800kms

Go big or go home baby! One of the greatest trips you can do in Canada is to travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean - almost six thousand kilometres, 59 hours of driving, eight Provinces, six time-zones, hundreds of dishes of poutine and beer and two oceans. Start your journey at the Wicked depot in Vancouver and head on the Trans-Canada Highway. On this road, you'll see the Rockies of British-Colombia, the mountains, and the Badlands road of Alberta, and the long plains of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. You'll also see the Great Lakes of Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River of Quebec and finally, the seacoast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. During your journey, take your time to explore each province, meet the people, have a few detours and discover what makes Canada so fucking amazing!

Highlight: Canada itself, buddy!



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