Travelling Route 66 in a Campervan...Welcome to The "Mother Road!"

Total Distance: 2,142 miles/3,447 km

From Chicago to Santa Monica, Route 66 is the mother of all Great American Road Trips - this fabled path will lead you through the history of America and its stories of struggle, success and pop culture awesomeness. You’ll see all those weird looking ‘World’s Largest’ things (it's America baby!), mammoth American landmarks like Meteor Crater, U-Drop Inn Cafe, Painted Desert and an infinite number of retro gas stations along the way. Be sure to stop and visit the little towns – it’s this humble underbelly of American culture that makes Route 66 so memorable.

Rent a Wicked Campervan in Toronto, drive to Chicago (or you can start from Los Angeles, just head the opposite way) and start your once in a lifetime road trip experience. Here's what you may encounter on the ''Mother Road.''

#1. Chicago to Springfield


Classic Dining Stops:

Berghoff Restaurant, Chicago, IL
A classic old-style restaurant synonymous with family tradition and hospitality excellence in Chicago since 1898.

Pizzeria Uno, Chicago, IL
This is where the deep-dish style pizza (Chicago Style) was invented and it’s still active today; so why not head straight to the source and get U-S-A style fat baby?!
Pol-a-Dot, Braidwood, IL
A classic Drive-in with a musical theme, you’ll be welcomed by the one and only king, Elvis baby!

Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup, Shirley, IL
A little maple syrup manufacturer that has been there for centuries. Who doesn't like Maple Syrup? Head to the Funks Grove in your Wicked Camper and enjoy that sweet, sweet syrupy goodness!

Chicago to Springfield

Distance: 202 miles/325kms

The starting line of our awesome Route 66 itinerary is the Windy City of Chicago. If you don't know about Chicago Style Pizza, you will soon learn (Spoiler Alert: It's a pizza where the cheese is at the bottom and the tomato sauce on top...Mind Blowing!). While in Chicago, you’ll have to go buy tickets for a Cubs game for an all-American afternoon, complete with over-priced beer! This truly great American city is the perfect place to start your campervan roadtrip.

Iconic Stops Along the Way...

Route 66 Sign: Beginning of Route 66, Chicago, IL. If you’re looking to fill your Instagram feed with awesome images, you simply must begin with the first Route 66 sign in Chicago. You’ll totally want to commemorate the beginning of your 2448 miles road trip marathon across America! P.S #wickedcampers along the way so we can join in too!

Muffler Men: Muffler Men - Gemini Giant/ Paul Bunyon Statue, Wilmington, IL/Atlanta, IL. What is a Muffler Giant? A giant statue of a guy, usually holding something...I know – it’s pretty basic description. Nevertheless, these big dudes are awesome photo opportunities. There’s more Muffler Men scatter around USA, we dare you to try to find them all.

Other Points of Interest: Willis Tower & Chicago Skydeck, Wrigley Field, Chicago, Route 66 Arcade Museum.

"Any man, in the right situation, is capable of murder, But not any man is capable of being a good camper… So, murder and camping are not as similar as you think."
Jack Handey

#2. Springfield to St-Louis


Classic Dining Stops:

Cozy Dog, Springfield, IL
Home of the famous Weiner-on-a-Stick (Pun lover, be ready to yanks those delicious puns in the face of your travel partner), Cozy Dog will fill you up with their hot & tasty hot dog.

Ariston Café, Litchfield, IL
One of the oldest restaurants along Route 66, the perfect place to learn about the history of "The Mother Road".

Springfield to St-Louis

Distance: 96 Miles / 155kms

Welcome to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States who brought about the emancipation of slavery - and let's face it, he had a majestic beard. Discover this city full of Lincoln Sites and history, and have a beer in memory of ol’ Abe with the friendly locals.

Iconic Stops Along the Way...

Pink Elephant Antique, Livingston, IL: A psychedelic pink elephant with a psychedelic Camper - Wicked Campers has found his match!

Henry's Rabbit Ranch, Staunton, IL: At Henry’s Rabbit Ranch, you’ll have a good time while learning about Route 66’s history and taking pictures with a giant rabbit (and a normal one). This place promotes healthy humping with their “Humpin’ to Please” truck - Wicked Approved!

Other Points of Interest: Litchfield History Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center, Horseshoe Lake State Park.

"If Lincoln freed the slaves and preserved the Union, how come ‘Lincolnesque’ just means tall?" - Calvin Trillin

#3. St-Louis to Oklahoma City



Classic Dining Stops:

The (2nd) Largest McDonalds in the World, Oklahoma, Vinita, OK
What’s the biggest American brand in the world whose mascot has weird hair? Trump! (Joking) McDonalds, of course. Once the biggest McDonalds in the world (now the second), this location is a good place to rest, fill your energy gauge and show off your sexy campervan to the Sooners.

POPS Soda Ranch, Arcadia, OK
POPS Soda Ranch have the biggest soda collection in America. The first thing you’ll see is a giant 66 ft. tall soda bottle illuminating like a rocket ship.

Clanton’s Cafe, Vinita, OK
The Clanton’s Café is a landmark for the city of Vinita since 1927. Still active, the cafe is the oldest continually owned family restaurant on Route 66 in the state of Oklahoma.

St-Louis to Oklahoma City

Distance: 498 Miles / 802kms

The city of St-Louis is the gateway to the ‘Show-Me’ State of Missouri (Nice Nickname!) – where you’ll be welcomed by a spectacular giant gateway named the ‘Gateway Arch’. It is the tallest arch in the world and the tallest manmade monument in the Western Hemisphere. If you want to learn about the history of beer, there’s the historical Anheuser-Bush Brewery, significant for its contribution to the city economy and of course , it’s home to the famous Budweiser brand.

Iconic Stops Along the Way...

Fantastic Caverns, Springfield, MO: The only cave in America where there’s a drive through tour inside. A beautiful side trip for your roadtrip; It’s even dog friendly!

World’s Largest Fork, Springfield, MO:
Yep, you’ve read that right - a giant Fork. Why stop? Just because you can take a picture right next to a giant fork and that’s freaking Awesome!

Gary’s Gay Parita, Ash Grove, MO: A cool 1930 Sinclair gas station, this place will take you on a journey through time - instead of the DeLorean, you’ll do it in your sexy Wicked camper.

Grand Falls, Joplin, MO: A picturesque, isolated waterfall to visit in your camper. This location is a perfect picture spot - especially during sunset.

Blue Whale of Catoosa, Catoosa, OK: This out of the ordinary location is an iconic roadside attraction of Route 66. Here at Wicked Campers, we really like whales (Whale are the sexiest mammal, no arguing!) and that Blue Whale would be a perfect picture partner for you and your sexy campervan.

Other point of interest:
- Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, St-Louis, MO
- Laumeir Scupture Park & Museum, St-Louis, MO
- Jesse James Wax Museum, Sullivan, MO
- Murals of Cuba, Cuba, MO
- Rock Cafe, Stroud, OK

"Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way." - Emma Chase

#4. Oklahoma City to Amarillo


Classic Dining Stops:

Jigg's Smoke House, Clinton, OK
One of the greatest BBQ joints on Route 66. Go grab a bite and at the same time, grab a bottle of their delicious BBQ sauce for those home cooked meals in your Wicked Camper.

Oklahoma City to Amarillo

Distance: 260 Miles / 418kms

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and the biggest of this state - this city will seduce you with its Western history and its rich cowboy heritage. There is plenty to see and to learn while you drive through in your campervan. The Bricktown suburb is the main entertainment district - a hive of activity with its western style bars. For the thrill seeker, there’s Frontier City Theme Park – live out your inner Chevy Chase awkward lame moment. Before leaving, make sure to take a trip to the National Memorial & Museum, it’s a must see.

Iconic Stops Along the Way...

Lucille's Famous Rt.66 Gas Station, Hydro, OK
This iconic service station is a must-see on Route 66. Discover the history of the old Route 66, and grab yet another cool photo - #wickedcampers!

Tower Station and U-Drop Inn Cafe, Shamrock, TX
The Tower Station and U-Drop Inn Cafe is one of the places you must check out on Route 66. This building was built in 1936 and is a great place for photo ops. If you’ve seen the movie ‘Cars’, you may recognise the building as it was the inspiration for the fictional Ramone’s body shop in the movie.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Canyon, TX
A nice little detour south of Amarillo is the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the Grand Canyon of Texas and the second biggest canyon in America - Totally worth a visit baby! It’s a great place for hiking and camping but if you’re camping, don’t forget to make a reservation.

Other points of interest:
- Stafford Air & Space Museum, Weatherford, OK
- Water-Zoo Indoor Water Park, Clinton, OK
- Foss State Park, Foss, OK
- Groom Cross, Groom, TX

"If you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute and it’ll change"
Will Rogers


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