Hollywood Weekend Special


Feel like drivin’ down The Strip with the stereo blazing, snorting coke off the dashboard and stalking b-grade celebrities from the safety of a camper?!!

Well – we don’t promote drug use – but we do promote stalking, and the best van for celebrity stalking is a Wicked Camper!

At the moment we’re offering Weekend Specials on all Wicked Campers!!! Just rock up to our LA Depot on a Friday to pick up your van and cruise on back Monday to drop it off! AND BEST OF ALL – YOU’LL ONLY PAY FOR 3 DAYS HIRE!!!

Wicked Campers North America Weekend Special!!!

And after all that stalking if you’re hit with some sort of restraining order and need to ditch Hollywood – then head for the Hills – Beverly Hills, where there’s plenty more celebrities to stalk. Or if you’ve had enough of the Glitz then head for the human freak show that is Venice Beach! From here you can check out Malibu, Huntington Beach or even just do a quick trip down to San Diego!

Terms of rental:

  • must pickup van on Friday Afternoon and drop-off on Monday morning
  • must pickup and drop-off the van at our Los Angeles depot
  • includes 100 Miles / 160kms Free Per Day
  • Excess Miles/kms charged at $0.25 per mile or $0.16 per km
  • normal booking policy applies
  • the Specials are not available in peak season between June 1st and October 1st

Get the best camper hire deal with Wicked Campers!

Book today by phoning our Roadtrip Planners:

In North America: 1877 942 5380

International: +1 604 263 50 20



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